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Jose M. Villena studied at Santa Rosa de Lima High School in Malaga, Spain, where he met David Tomaselli. He graduated from the University of Malaga with a degree in Economics which, of course, later came in handy when he decided to dedicate more than nine years of his professional career to design and marketing. Posters, floats, mugs, key rings and so on, his friends daren’t come near him for fear that he will sell them something. Since his early childhood he has been very clear about what he wanted to be when he grew up. While all his friends wanted to be astronauts, soccer players or fire-fighters, he wanted to be a cartoonist.
He admires the work of authors such as Bill Watterson, Charles M. Schulz, John Byrne, Akira Toriyama and Frank Cho, among others.
Besides drawing and painting, he loves movies, music and martial arts, currently practising Haidong Gumdo.
He is now happily married and lives with his wife in Malaga, Spain, making his dreams come true.

David Tomaselli, after meeting Jose Villena in high school and buying some T-shirts from him, went on to study Telecommunications Engineering and later work in the world of consulting.
Now he can’t stop traveling around Europe and he knows everything there is to know about brands of hotel shampoo. As a result of his work with computers, he's become allergic to them and hopes to retire one day to live on a farm with his dog "Gordo".
He is currently obsessed with learning German in order to talk to Gordo, his German shepherd, who never listens to him. Right now, the dog merely snores.

Villena & Tomaselli are Team Cul de Sac book contributors. Jose and David began their career in the world of comics and graphic design by creating advertising campaigns for their city council.

After several publications in university newspapers and magazines as graphic designers and illustrators, they published their cartoons in Pro and Amateur Golf Swing Magazine, a magazine about golf with national circulation. At the same time they published their comic strips in the local newspaper MMM.

Their character, Onion, was chosen in 2006 as the official mascot of the Onion Rock Festival in the town of Belorado in Burgos, northern Spain. This Rock Festival is now in its fifth year: www.cebollarock.com

Today, Onion is the official mascot of CERA 2010 (Spanish Championship League, Spanish and Portuguese RAID Adventure) www.beloraid.com
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